What’s your side?

So it has been a while since I last posted.  But I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of views surrounding the events of 2016 and it seems change is on everyone’s mind.

I had an interesting discussion with my husband the other day when we were talking about the events that had unfolded in the past year (mainly Brexit and Trump) and what that says about the world today.  While I thought that globalisation was the main contributor to making Brexit and Trump happen, my husband thought that gradual polarisation had led to an unbelievably large divide in society which no one saw coming because it happened over a slow period of time.  This polarisation has made it difficult for people to accept a view different to their own because it somehow goes against their moral code to even listen.  And I believe he’s right.  Everybody has a side.  No one can be ‘on the fence’ or undecided about an issue these days – you’ve got to be either for or against – there’s no room for you on the fence.


The internet has made it frighteningly easy to share information (and misinformation), and everybody has an opinion.  Every day my social media is bombarded with articles and posts containing yet another take on what’s going on and what might happen in the future.  This article written by Helen Pluckrose on her journey as a feminist is a long but worthwhile read.  She alludes somewhat to the radicalisation of the feminist movement and her efforts to give her opinion on the movement:

I decided to hang on and try to tackle, from the inside, the problems of cultural relativity, science denialism, raging incivility and the disempowerment of women by feminists. This resulted in my being blocked by feminists, told I am not a feminist, called an ‘anti-feminist,’ an ‘MRA’, a ‘misogynist’ and even a ‘rape apologist’ (I had suggested that the men who invented date-rape drug detecting nail polish were well-intentioned.)I have been told to fuck myself with a rusty chainsaw, and that I am a confused middle-aged woman who does not understand society.

The persecution of the author by fellow feminists seems to be a common occurrence not just on the issue of feminism, but on other issues too where the extreme views of some push others to view the movement as radical, making the opposing views seem just that little bit more reasonable.  The actions of the women or men who called the author all those things are not seen as radical by some and that is what the internet has allowed, the views of the radical to be backed by others who may agree with the statement being made.  This emboldens the author of the radical response, in their eyes, it legitimises their view and beliefs because someone on the internet agreed with them.

I write this because I’m wary, something feels different but I’m not quite sure what it is yet or what it might mean.  I think people should feel okay to sit on the fence and remain undecided about political issues.  But, this is just my opinion.  This is just another internet article expressing yet another personal view.


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