Evolving cities


I’ve heard the saying “a city is always moving”.  The movements they talk about involve people, cars, and living things that call a city home.  But the word ‘moving’ is seldom used to describe buildings; they are somehow seen as fixed objects.  But in Norway, a team of Swedish architects Jagnefalt Milton have created a system of moving buildings to combat seasonal changes and events.  From a landscape architecture point of view, it is immensely interesting because of the social implications a moving system would have on its surroundings.

I have been looking closely at the relationship between landscape architecture and gentrification, and researching into the impact it has on the bottom 20%.  The big question is how do we improve quality of life WITHOUT increasing social inequality?  This example of a moving system is really exciting because of its potential to become a way of providing equal amenities to everyone.  What if the seasonal movements somehow allowed for households of all kinds of demographic to access amenities that everyone should have?  If the landscape is fixed but the houses are moving, then we could have a system where the properties would have access to multiple parks and other public amenities.


All images are sourced from Dezeen and are subject to Copyright.


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